Tinker Smart Logo

Our idea is to build products that encourage thinking while kids play.
In our product design, we aim to include a variety of ways where a child will think, understand and create.

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  • Choosing a Name

    We chose "Tinker" because we wanted to make products that allow kids to explore. "Smart" for nurturing smart kids!

  • Registered TinkerSmart.com

    Getting the domain name was the first thing to do even though we didn't have any product yet.


  • Journiki for Tracking Growth

    First on the agenda was to build something that will help us get organized. Started work on Journiki.

  • JourniTrack Business Reports

    Development shifted to JourniTrack as we separate Journiki to various uses.


  • Released JourniTrack

    Published JourniTrack at Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

  • Launched Website

    The best way to inform customers about us and our products.

  • Released Journiki

    Published Journiki for Windows Phone.


  • Relaunched Website

    After a long hiatus, TinkerSmart is back to make our vision a reality.

  • BookSiege Book Companion

    Development started on BookSiege. A companion app for your books.