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BookSiege Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

BookSiege is an iOS mobile app for planning and organising your reading and your books.

It helps to keep track of books that you have read and books that you want to read. It also helps you to take notes of your thoughts and quotes from the book you are reading.

It is a great companion to the book in your hands.

Launching Soon!

BookSiege is still under development. But we hope to launch it soon. Please keep in touch for updates on app launch.

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Journiki Mobile App for Windows Phone

Journiki is a diary / journal / notes mobile app for capturing and sharing timelines. You can use Journiki to add photos, video, notes and geo location as an event to a timeline and Journiki will calculate the age of the event from the start of the timeline. It helps you to record and organise your photos, videos and thoughts.

Update on Journiki and JourniTrack

Unfortunately, we have to remove both Journiki and Journitrack from the Windows Store for a refresh. Please keep in touch with us for news on relaunch.

Thank you for your patience.

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JourniTrack Mobile App for Windows Phone and Windows Store.

JourniTrack is a mobile app for generating time-based business reports which are useful in industries where billing is based on time. It helps businesses obtain service or job reports from employees or contractors with on-site and real-time capturing of photos, videos and geo information for validation or invoicing. JourniTrack can also be used to record timelines and generate timesheets.

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